Ospitalità Italiana means knowing how to create an unforgettable stay experience with sincerity, empathy and passion, enriching the lives of guests.

Territories, in an era characterized by cultural homogenisations and “non-places”, have become central to tourism enhancement strategies, through an endogenous, sustainable and responsible territorial development model based on material and immaterial cultural heritage as an engine of growth.

This cultural heritage, in Italy, represents a widespread capital, based on a holistic set of landscapes, traditions and identities.

Italian hospitality means connecting tourism, culture and territory; food, people and experiences; in an innovative key and with a creative spirit.

Italian hospitality means enriching the lives of our guests

“We want to work with those who offer an experience that cannot be had elsewhere, or with those who intend to achieve this goal, by promoting or discovering places in our Italy, even the lesser-known ones, but precisely for this reason rich in potential to be developed according to our model , which is made of respect and enhancement of places, territories and the people who live there”
Aldo Melpignano, Founder and CEO of Egnazia


Attention to the customer, staff skills, care of any equipment and other services offered.


Connecting the customer with his surroundings to make him an aware traveler, enhancing the local food and wine proposal and the typical products used, accurate info about the territory


The Italian style and DNA are found in the immaterial but also and above all in the concrete, from the furnishings to the decorative elements, from the food and wine proposal to the choices of colors and shades. Everything is in total respect for the history and heritage of that place, combining tradition with taste.