The territory is central to the group’s valorisation strategies, through a model of sustainable and responsible development based on the tangible and intangible cultural heritage as an engine of growth.

“We want to work with those who propose an experience that cannot be lived elsewhere, or with those who intend to achieve this goal, promoting or discovering places in our Italy, even those less known, but for this reason rich in potential to be developed according to our model, which is made of respect and enhancement of the places, territories and people who live there” Aldo Melpignano.


Culture, in Italy, represents a widespread capital where there are numerous territorial identities, each with well-defined specific cultural features.

We are looking for partners and projects that embrace our philosophy of Italian hospitality which has allowed us to include structures distributed throughout the Italian territory where we can promote the differentiation of the tourist-cultural product offer.
Each hotel of the Egnazia Group has its own identity and is positioned on the market according to the individual potential of the structure: this is part of the Group’s desire to protect the characteristics of a heterogeneous hotel heritage, giving value to the peculiarities of each hotel.

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